One of the most popular places to visit Doha, are souks

One of the most popular places to visit Doha, are souks (markets standard), where a tourist can suffer traditional shopping experience. One of the most famous of them souk souks Waif originally entered is at least 100 years ago, but has been restored to its original splendor. These markets are for the sale of traditional Arabic spices, handicrafts, clothing, perfumes and souvenirs wool. This place has some of the incredible restaurants serving food from around the world. Lately, the organized several art galleries and workshops with local concerts during the holiday season.

Another attraction for tourists Doha Al-Cornice, a long walk on the beach that curves around Doha Bay and offers a magnificent view of the Palm Island and Doha skyline. It is also a good place to go for a bicycle, but it is not allowed. We recommend that on Friday morning for a beautiful landscape. Shopping can be a humbling experience to Doha and you can see everything, except for alcohol and pork (except in the big hotels, or a license). Locals and foreigners enjoy shopping in Doha and things are usually found at lower prices than those available in Dubai. Fill negotiate your pocket and be ready! A place to visit for shopping center is the city of Doha in Qatar. City Center offers a wide range of products including jewelry, perfumes and various entertainment media such as cinema; children’s play room, a bowling alley and ice skating. Power options are also available, such as food courts and other restaurants.

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