Helpful Advice on Food and Drink for your Backpacking Trip

If you are going out on an extensive backpacking trip then you will need to closely consider your food provisions. Food and water are important aspects of staying energized on a backpacking trip, so understanding the best ways to prepare and pack food can really help you plan a good menu. Food can seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be if you know some helpful advice that can make planning the food and water for your backpacking trip simple.

Water Tips
To make sure water is safe to drink you should filter it or add water treatment to it. Iodine tablets are popular because they are easy to use, but they can result in the water having a weird taste. One solution to the taste problem is to add sugar free drink mix to the water. You will still get the same benefits from the water and with the additive being sugar free you will not get the extra calories. If you need to filter water because it has debris in it you can use cheesecloth. For a makeshift filter, you could use a clean bandana.
Food Tips
You should try to carry food that is lightweight, durable and easy to cook. Anything canned is usually fine. Indeed, canned tuna and chicken is a backpacking staple. They can be dressed up a number of ways with other easy to carry items. Bread can be bulky to carry, and it also hardens quickly. An alternative to bread are crackers or tortillas. Make good use of instant items, like potatoes or macaroni and cheese. These cook up quick and are very lightweight. Also, you will find dried meats like jerky are a useful addition to your food provisions. Zip top baggies are a good tool too. You can store almost anything in these easy to pack containers. Try to pack healthy foods that also are full of energy like granola and beans. Another idea is buying army MRE’s or Meals Ready to Eat. These are made to be easy to carry, easy to prepare and have a healthy balance of nutrients.
When you are planning your meals for your backpacking trip you need to keep these basic tips in mind. Food and water are your main energy source and if you are not eating right and getting plenty to drink it can have a negative effect on your backpacking vacations.