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Tips On Travelling Cheap

The world is in an economic crisis and tourism has slowed down all over the world, which can mean big savings for savvy travelers. Cheap travel is possible if you’re willing to plan ahead and do a little research. Make the most out of your dollar with these tips on traveling cheap: Be flexible with your travel dates. Traveling is… Read more →


Backpacking Europe Guide – Tips To Make Your Trip Smooth Sailing

Backpacking Europe will be one of the greatest adventures of your lifetime but without some form of planning, it could go from being a spontaneous adventure to a disorganized nightmare. You may be the kind of person who likes to do things without much planning but an extended trip to Europe does require some amount of preparation. The Basics: Who,… Read more →


Travel Tips for Rookies

Traveling all over the world will give you divers opportunities to live up all the several types of travel you can find under the sun. By any means we can travel to extraordinary places by bus, plane, cruise ship or even by foot.You can find many adventures such as scuba diving, skiing, mountain climbing, and deep-sea fishing. While others prefer… Read more →

How to couch surf When Traveling

How to couch surf When Traveling

Imagine a kind of journey with no price hotels, local relationships and exclusive visits. It exists! This is the planet of couch surfing. Couch surfing is more than just a strategy of journey, however. It is also a viewpoint, and way of way of lifestyle and a new design for the worldwide nomad at low costs. There are many couch… Read more →


Travel Tips – It`s a Jungle Out There

Most of us, when planning for our annual summer holidays, think the worst that can happen is getting badly sunburnt, a spot of sunstroke, or a bad case of the runs! But what many of us don’t realise is that our favorite European resorts are increasingly being inhabited by creatures that have a nasty sting or bite! For some of… Read more →


Business Travel In Geneva

Geneva is one of the foremost economic cities in Europe and is the base for global institutions, public and private companies, charities and diplomatic corps. Built on the shores of Lake Geneva, Geneva was the spiritual home of Calvinism and today houses the World Health Organisation as well as the Red Cross. The city caters to the high number of… Read more →


Cheap Air Travel Tips

The era of airline travel has allowed us to travel the world and connect in ways that have never existed before. We can visit family overseas and travel anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Isn’t that amazing? With all this ability to travel, we are also faced with the expense of such travel. For the many who would like… Read more →


Tips For Choosing The Right Camping Backpack

A person who is not experienced with camping or hiking may think that all backpacks are the same, but that is far from the truth. For a camper who is serious about making the most out of a camping trip, a backpack can make or break an excursion to the woods. Take the plight of a trekker who traveled to… Read more →


Ultralight Backpacking Tips for Lightweight Campers

When it comes to packing all your gear ready for a backpacking trip it can be very easy to over pack. Over packing leads to a heavy load that could mean the difference between a good enjoyable trip, and one that you remember for all the wrong reasons. So learning a few ultralight backpacking tips to help you pack light… Read more →


What Would be Your Backpacking Tips?

One of the rights of passage for many young people is to save some money and go traveling. It is easy to pack up some belongings into a backpack and go traveling with friends. Whether it’s touring around the world or focusing on a country or a continent, it’s easy to have fun. There is a lot to be said… Read more →