Cape Town Travel & Study

The English language is spreading like wild fire and its importance in the modern world cannot be understated; everything from business and commerce to entertainment is becoming globalised, many people have the means to travel the world, work and live in different countries and experience new cultures. The one common factor with all of the above is that English is adopted as the primary method of communication and as a result, across the continents, more and more people are realizing its necessity. There has been a great boom in employment of English-speakers in foreign schools and English language courses in specialist language centers are filling up all year round.

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An increasing number of people are choosing to study in an English speaking country, combining travel with their language development. The benefits of which are becoming more apparent; cultural immersion is proven to greatly enhance development and understanding of a language and is the most efficient way to learn. In this environment students learn the deeper meaning of the language; words, phrases and sayings, local dialects/accents and much more, and you are effectively forced to learn in order to survive and enjoy the new surroundings.

And now to Cape Town, as popular a destination for English students as it is with the normal tourists, a city that offers so much in spectacular surroundings. It does not take long to see why so many people are attracted here each year and we are only scratching the surface but here are my personal top 10 things to do if you choose to learn English in Cape Town:

Table Top Mountain – As spectacular as you would expect and amazing to explore on foot if you are up for a hike.

Beaches – Golden beaches are close at hand and any surfers out there will have found paradise.

Walk the strip – The Camps Bay strip is a popular hangout and lively atmosphere with bars and cafes a plenty.

Robin Island – If history is your thing then Robin Island should be top of the list; synonymous with Nelson Mandela you can get a real feeling of what the political prisoners of apartheid South Africa battled through.

Swim With Penguins – At Boulders Beach on the Cape Peninsula you can get close up a personal with local penguin colony and they even pay you a little attention if you are willing to take a dip.

Sharks – Cape Town has an infamous reputation for Great White Sharks and for me personally an adrenaline rush matched only by a huge bungee jump in New Zealand is swimming alongside these beasts…ok not quite beside, but close enough!

Eat until your heart’s content – Cape Town is a place where culinary delights appear on every corner and with exceptional value for money whether you indulge in the traditional or foreign.

Souvenirs – Head to the local markets, particularly the Pan African market for a real taste of culture and to pick up some of the local treats.

Kirstenbosch – At the foot of Table Mountain you will find the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens which is certainly worth a visit, particularly on a spring or summers day when the 5,000+ plant species are on full display.
I have not even scratched the surface of all that Cape Town has to offer, there really is something for everyone, and if you decide to study here you are certain to discover even more hidden gems.