Business Travel In Geneva

Geneva is one of the foremost economic cities in Europe and is the base for global institutions, public and private companies, charities and diplomatic corps. Built on the shores of Lake Geneva, Geneva was the spiritual home of Calvinism and today houses the World Health Organisation as well as the Red Cross. The city caters to the high number of business travellers who come to Geneva. Geneva is so popular for business travel because it has a central location as well as business friendly government policies.


Getting There and Getting Around

Whatever your line of work, you will most likely be flying into Geneva international airport. More than 40 different airlines have routes to and from the airport and there are connections with all of Europe’s major cities. The airport has recently been refurbished but it is still easy to find your way around. You will see the car hire terminals as soon as you come out of arrivals. Alternatively there are trains and buses which run frequently to the city centre. Taxis are an expensive one off option should you wish to take them. The public transport at the airport is good and runs with typical Swiss efficiency. Nevertheless car hire Geneva airport sales are always high. High-flying businessmen usually don’t take public transport as they like to have control over their own destiny. They hire cars so that they can go where they want at a moment’s notice. Prestige and luxury car hire is a particularly thriving business in Geneva city and Geneva airport. This is a city with a very high standard of living and executives do not want to stand out by driving just any old car. BMWs and Audis are always popular while it is very much in vogue at the moment to rent a chauffeur driven car. Not only does it make you look important, but it allows the time to put the last touches to a business presentation or finalise your concepts for that important meeting. Bear in mind that if you hire a car that is not chauffeur driven you may have problems parking it.

Geneva Business Travel Tips

Although thousands of people come to Geneva for business each month, there are a huge amount of beds available for people to sleep in, some 14,000. It is still a good idea to book your accommodation in advance, just as it is advisable to pre order car hire Geneva. You can get hotels and cars of all different prices. There are a lot of four and five star hotels as well as some cheaper touristy places to stay in. Due to the large influx of business travellers Geneva holds many annual exhibitions and conferences. These are spread across more than 400 different conference halls. Plan your route to these ahead of time; if you want it you can get an affordable global positioning device to guide you on the journey. The addresses of the conference halls can be found at the Geneva Chamber of Commerce website. You can also find listings for small businesses by looking at the local Angloinfo website. For those in transit there are business centres within the airport itself. The Sky centre has wi fi and conference capabilities. Near to the airport is an exhibition centre known as the Palexpo exhibition complex. It is the busiest exhibition centre in Geneva.